WP7 overview: Project Management

The aim of the work package is to provide efficient and successful management of all project activities, including communication between partners, co-ordination of actions and monitoring of activities. Particular focus will be directed towards project administration, financial follow-up, management of communication inside and outside the consortium through the development of common rules and the proposal of management tools that will be used by all participants. Other management related issues such as gender, quality and knowledge management will also be addressed.

The following specific objectives will be undertaken in WP7:

  • Ensuring efficient management and coordination at the administrative level
  • Ensuring efficient management and coordination at scientific and technical level
  • Ensuring integration and coordination of all activities and tasks
  • Enabling flexibility in reaction to unexpected development or new opportunities
  • Ensuring that risks are being tracked and mitigated as effectively as possible
  • Developing and implementing a quality system to ensure the proper execution of the planned work
  • Establishing a robust framework for information exchange within and outside the project
  • Managing the project budget and expenditure


D7.1: Open Consortium Agreement - Internal document

D7.2: Project Handbook & Management Tools - Issued 28-Jul-2017

This document brings together the key project management requirements for the project including: governance; operational roles and structure; project reporting and KPIs; deliverables and milestones; deliverable review process and quality management; risk management; escalation and conflict resolution. Its purpose is to be a reference for project team members and stakeholders.

D7.3: Communications Plan - Issued 1-Mar-2016

This document summarises internal project communications requirements

D7.4: Progress Reports - EU documents

D7.5: Project Intranet - Issued 29-Apr-2016

This document briefly describes the 1st issue of a collaboration site for the EU OPTIMISED project. The chosen application is a “SharePoint” site, provided from the Microsoft Office platform, which enables appropriate collaboration and sharing of information within the project.