WP6 overview: Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results

Work Package 6 focuses on the dissemination and commercial exploitation of the innovative project outcomes. Additionally, this WP will focus on achieving high levels of public awareness by managing external communication with the EU, as well as with both the scientific and industrial community.

The overall objective of WP6 is to ensure the results from the project are available to the general public and professionals in the manufacturing industry and related sectors, as well as delivering a route to exploitation in appropriately related applications. The specific objectives are:

  • To define a communications and dissemination strategy;
  • To provide regular flow of information about the project and its results to both industry and the academic community;
  • To collaborate with international research networks, technology platforms and ongoing EU and national projects;
  • To contribute to the development or creation of new standards;
  • To define a commercialisation strategy for exploiting the project outcomes


D6.1 Dissemination Plan - Issued 25-Jan-2016

The document presents the project “Dissemination Plan”, defining the strategy and implementation measures envisioned to efficiently communicate about project objectives and activities and disseminate project outputs as part of Work Package 6.

D6.2 Project Website (final) - To be issued

D6.3 Dissemination Pack (final) - To be issued

D6.4 Newsletter (final) - To be issued

D6.5 Review of Dissemination Activities (final) - To be issued

D6.6 Industrial Advisory Group Definition and Communications Plan - To be issued

D6.7 Contribution to Standardisation (final) - To be issued

D6.8 Market Analysis and Commercial Plan - To be issued

D6.9 Exploitation Plan and Agreement - To be issued

D6.10 IPR Report - To be issued