WP5 overview: System Integration, Prototyping and Validation

This work package will integrate, prototype and validate the OPTIMISED system using input from the consortium stakeholders and associated partners, the work package will run concurrently with WP3 and WP4 where models within the simulation environment will be integrated with the information management backbone.

The OPTIMISED project will be validated though a series of demonstrations. The validation test cases defined in WP1 will be used as the test input for each demonstrator.

The main objective of the work package is to demonstrate how the OPTIMISED approach can be applied to and implemented within real industrial situations. Evaluation will take place for the whole project’s results and technologies.

Main innovations of the project will be identified and evaluated using the validation test cases and then conducting a comparative analysis to measure the difference in performance difference.

Quantification of results will be implemented, as measuring performance of the project against initial objectives. Moreover, within this WP, the demonstration of the results will take place. Furthermore, the objective of this task is the detailed definition of the test scenarios for the system validation (Scenarios corresponding to the three industrial cases). They will be built by each end user according to its special needs and expectations from the system. The scenarios are going to be fully represented at the end user’s site in order to have a direct comparison between the before and after the use of the OPTIMISED developments.

The work package will provide:

  • Customization and integration of the OPTIMISE Platform to the 3 demonstrators
  • Test the tools implemented in the 3 demonstrators
  • Evaluation and assessment of the demonstrators with respect to the original requirements and in industrial context.


D5.1 Final report on model integration with information management backbone - To be issued

D5.2 Final factory baseline dataset release - To be issued

D5.3 Demonstrator 1: Holistic factory simulation model - Issued 31-Oct-2017

This document is a Validation Test Report for Demonstrator 1, delivered at the Alstom site in the UK. It builds upon the test procedures previously defined to assess whether the Demonstrator 1 solution demonstrates the capability of the OPTIMISED solution to meet the system requirements.

D5.4 Demonstrator 2: Live factory simulation and visualisation tool - Issued 31-Dec-2017

This deliverable describes the test report of Demonstrator 2, delivered at the Goimek site in Spain. It is focused on the generation of a solution that: 1) shows the current state of the live factory through links to the live data streams from the shop floor and enterprise management software streams into the information management backbone; 2) provides a decision support system to enable the evaluation of production scheduling by the use of integrated dashboards and the holistic factory simulation model.

D5.5 Demonstrator 3: Demonstration of the effectiveness of the full factory optimisation tool - To be issued