WP4 overview: Develop simulation models and optimisation methodologies

The objective of this work package is the development of models which can simulate multiple phenomena (Energy, Cost, Material, and Labour) of the various manufacturing systems. These models will be used to help understand how the system behaves under different conditions. The results of these simulations will be used to inform the development of methods to optimise the operation of the manufacturing chain. Decision making strategies can then be developed which can be implemented when pre forecasted conditions occur. The critical output of this work package is a factory system modelling toolkit, that enables fast generation of factory models from model libraries, methodologies for linking with existing data streams (such as the MES) and optimisation methods to support planning operations.


D4.1 Results report for manual station simulation models - Issued 2-Jun-2017

This report describes the development of machine and manual station sub system models, which are used as starting points for the implementation of large scale factory simulations. The sub system models include labour, energy, materials, and consumable inputs.

D4.2 Results report for factory system simulation model - Issued 29-Sep-2017

The requirements of the simulation with respect to a general approach for developing simulation objects to model plant intralogistics systems including the related control software are described. On a more technical level, the connection of simulation models with the Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) developed in WP3 is designed and implemented in order to communicate with the optimisation, load data from production sources and upload simulation results to the data backbone.

This report describes simulation results, some of which are to be viewed as proof of concept, since the evaluation of the final demonstrator is not scheduled to be completed until Aug 2018.

D4.3 Final results report for integration with planning, scheduling and MES - Issued 31-Jan-2018

This report details the different data sources from the previously non-integrated Enterprise and Manufacturing Production Systems and how data fields from these systems are used to support the planning and scheduling functions as well as production monitoring.

D4.4 Final report on optimisation methodologies - To be issued

D4.5 Optimised toolbox for factory simulation modelling - To be issued