Exploitation Strategy Seminar

On the 26th of September, IK4-Ideko will hold an Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) in the frame of OPTIMISED H2020 European Project. Partners of OPTIMISED will meet to celebrate the ESS Exploitation Strategy Seminar at IK4-Ideko facilities, Elgoibar, Spain.

The overall aim of the project is to develop novel methods and tools for deployment of highly optimised and reactive planning systems that incorporate extensive factory modelling and simulation based on empirical data captured using smart embedded sensors and pro-active human-machine interfaces.

The ESS will be driven by Arkaitz Uriarte and Jon Nuñez from IK4-Ideko and the aim of this seminar is to identify project exploitable results, partner’s expectation and design an exploitation strategy for different project results. 

This seminar will allow us to identify the exploitation routes and risks for each exploitable result and recommend the partners on the best possible strategies to exploit them, solving the possible ownership and conflicts that arise in the process.