OPTIMISED is a 10-party, three year, EU-funded consortium project, comprising SME’s, large companies and research institutions from across Europe. The key aims of the project are contained in the full project title: Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data.

OPTIMISED will develop and demonstrate a manufacturing scheduling optimisation system, which uses real-time smart sensors and big data analytics to monitor, react to and improve manufacturing performance. Within this scope, the impact of energy management on factory planning and optimisation will be specifically addressed.

OPTIMISED will use the principles of Measure, Simulate, Optimise

  • Measure: Machine and Operator performance, energy demand side response, IoT sensors
  • Simulate: Production simulation, factory planning & operations models
  • Optimise: Use data analytics to re-plan production schedule, operator tasks and maintenance tasks, based on measurements



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