technology demonstrations

What is special about OPTIMISED is how it combines research on one side with practical technology demonstrations on the other side. 

Demonstrator by demonstrator, advanced planning and manufacturing technology is being put into reality. OPTIMISED starts at Technology Readiness Level of 3-5 with lab proven technologies. These technologies will be brought 1-2 levels further, up to the level of industrial prototypes.

OPTIMISED combines Information and Communication Technology (ICT) aspects such as advanced data analysis with both event based and continuous simulation models. Furthermore, it addresses classical “Factories of the Future” & “Cyber Physical Systems” topics:

  • Product Tracking
  • Advanced Energy & Process Monitoring
  • Smart Machines
  • Simulation & Optimisation

An example is the exploitation of existing manufacturing equipment, whilst facilitating provision of rich data and decision-making to integrated information management systems. The industrial relevance of the project will be established through three industrial demonstrators:


Alstom_Pendolino_Edge Hill TM 023.jpg

Alstom is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced trains, railway equipment and related systems. Alstom also operates full servicing and maintenance facilities.

The challenge of all maintenance operations lies in dealing with unplanned events or disruptions. An example being late detection of failures. OPTIMISED will allow Alstom to consistently deliver a working fleet every day, with the expected level of performance.

A real-time and agile planning tool providing the depot management team with the optimal task sequence to deliver the service required to improve efficiency and minimise costs.


GOIMEK is a precision parts machining company engaged in a high mix/low volume environment. The company offers complete machining solutions for clients with diverse requirements and demands. GOIMEK is an expert in the machine tool, aeronautic and railway sector.

However, in these environments, there are frequent changes to product catalogue, process flows, labour, material and energy usages.

OPTIMISED is implementing factory level energy monitoring systems and strategic analysis tools based on simulations for GOIMEK. This will enable optimisations not only of energy, but also efficient materials usage. Ultimately, this will reduce production inputs and improve competitiveness in the marketplace.


Laing O’Rourke is an engineering construction company focused on the manufacturing of construction components in a controlled factory environment.

This so called “Offsite Fabrication” utilises modularisation of the architectural design to enable easy componentised installation at site, reducing construction time and the chance of dangerous incidents.

OPTIMISED will synchronise the logistics with the factory production. Planning tools will enable a reduction in costs, a greater efficiency, expansion of throughput and open up new markets for products.

Download more information on the OPTIMSED technology demonstrator here.